Sharpex Garden Hedge


A perfect home decor or a personalised gift option for your loved ones. Needs very less maintenance and supervising

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Ficus is one of the most popular trees for bonsai. It is perfect bonsai tree for beginners and pros alike. Virtually care proof; they tolerate low light and humidity of a heated or air-conditioned house. The fig symbolises fertility and love. The bible indicates that the fig tree has spiritual meaning.the tree that signifies health both spiritually and physically.ficus tree also purify the air in your room and office and help fight fatigue, coughs and sore throats. The evergreen bonsai tree ficus tree is a great indoor plant and a gem for all kinds of beginners. Our r&d team at THE BONSAI PLANTS travel across the world to bring to you exotic, artistic and rare \”\”s\”\” and \”\”i\”\” shaped bonsais which enhance the aesthetics of any room. It goes without saying that the older a tree, the more valuable it will become.